Open Bowling

Open Bowling StrikeCome out and bowl today! Bowling is a fun recreational activity for all to enjoy. We offer a clean, smoke-free environment that kids and adults alike can enjoy.
(All Bowling Prices are HST inclusive)

Open Bowling Rates:

Type of Bowling Cost (per game, per person)
10 – pin Regular Rate $4.90
10 – pin Retiree Rate $3.35
5 – pin Regular Rate $4.50
5 – pin Retiree Rate $3.35

Specials for Our League Bowlers:

League Bowler Type
Cost (per game, per person)
Bowlers with Grey Card (one league) $2.85
Bowlers with Silver Card (two leagues)
Registered Youth League Bowlers (open play practice) $2.00
Bowlers with Gold Card (three or more leagues) 5 Free Games Per Day

Bowling Shoes

Shoe Rental

Age Cost
15 or Older $3.00
Under 15 $1.00